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Questions & Answers

  • How long does it take for my website to be installed? Please give us approximately 72 hours until we send a confirmation email that your website has been installed.
  • If I have hosting  already, can I still get a free WordPress theme installed? No. We only install free websites for new customers who sign up through our affiliate link. We can install your site for a fee of $50. Otherwise, you would have to sign up for new web hosting services through us.
  • If I have my own domain name, can I get a free WordPress theme installed? Yes. Just let us know the registered website + login details on the order form, so we can login and link your domain name to your new free WordPress theme site. 

Theme Documentations
*Some documentations are built inside the theme*

Skip a few minutes into the video to get to the tutorial part you need:



How to log into your WordPress site

How to customize

How to create a blog post

How to embed videos

How to use menus

How to use widgets

How to install plugins


How do I blog from my phone?

Blogging from your phone is an easy setup. If you have an iPhone or Android, download the WordPress App for your specified phone:

View video on how to connect your WordPress App so you can start blogging from your phone!